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Xavier's School OOC

Recent Entries

12/5/06 11:48 am - tenchichan - Gomen Nasai

Sorry for the delay in the two scenes. It's that time of year again when all hell breaks loose. I've moved both the scenes forward and I'm going to try my hardest to get both done by the end of the week.

-The management

11/20/06 05:41 pm - xs_arachne - Senior Buddies

Who: Jane and Simon
What: Meet up
When: First week (before award ceremony)
Where: X-Cup

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11/20/06 05:37 pm - xs_arachne - Roomies

Who: Sabriel and Jane
What: roomates meet up
When: Move-In Day
Where: Dorm room

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11/17/06 06:40 pm - xs_dreamcrafter - Meeting on the Green

Characters: Gwen and Richard
Location: Outside Campus
Timeline: Between Classes after Rogue deposited Gwen on the field
Description: Gwen meets Richard, they talk and she offers to make him something...

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11/16/06 10:04 pm - reckless_rogue

Characters: Rogue and Gwen
Location: Gymnasium
Timeline: Whenever
Description: You're not suppose to be in here....

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11/16/06 10:03 am - xs_nightbane - Greeting the day

Who: Richard and William
When: Early morning (Before the scene with William and Winston)
Where: Xavier’s Mansion, Outside
What: William does his early morning Tai Chi and Richard joins him

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11/15/06 01:57 pm - xs_k9

Characters: Winston and William
Location: Their dorm room
Timeline Second day of school
Description: Hi.

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11/15/06 05:58 pm - xs_dreamcrafter

Who: Gwen and Arjan
What: Gwen is lost and stumbles into Arjan’s office, interrupting his work
Where: Xavier’s Mansion
When: Second day of School, during early classes

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11/15/06 01:40 pm - xs_prodigalson - Meeting the Roomie

Who: Richard and Kavan
Where: Their suite
When: Afternoon of the first day of classes

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11/14/06 11:40 pm - xs_mirage - :)

Who: Sabriel and Kavan
What: Talking and mini exploration of Sabriel's powers
When: Between classes
Where: Mansion grounds

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